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Simple and Easy Transactions

Out The Line USA inc. was founded in 2016 with goals of reducing the costs of rent, labor, and website fees for merchants and creating an easy mobile shopping experience for customers.

According to Pew Research, a staggering 92% of American Adults own mobile phones. They have become an essential part of our lives and society. Out the Line provides a fast, easy and simple payment service for any business.

With our mobile application, you can create your own store or manage your existing store through the app. You can also make payments straight from your mobile phones using "Custom made QR codes & Barcodes" to scan.

Out The Line

Our POS system integrates front and back of the house into a single dashboard. This app is designed to increase security, stability, ease of use, and speed of service. We believe in minimizing costs and maximizing profits.

Out The Line is very simple to use. You could send your child to get a haircut done while you send the money to the barber shop directly instead of making cash payments. It is easy to use with street vendors, cash vendors, farmers markets, cash business, food trucks and many other places.

Our Belief

Out The Line believes that merchants shouldn’t pay excessive charges to use a platform or an app for a sale or service as they already pay rent. Therefore, adding transaction charges to the list doesn’t make things convenient for business owners and their customers. Our device app helps merchants save money on all transactions. All that is needed is an inventory of products or services in our CMS (Custom Modify System) that is viewable through the OTL app. Consumers will experience the convenience that OTL provides in the palm of their hands.

How It Works

What People are Saying

Out The Line

Makes Checking Out a Breeze
I didn't know what to expect when first using OTL, but it makes paying for things amazingly fast and easy. So far, two of my local businesses use it (barbershop and grocery store), and I don't have to worry about having cash or waiting on line for the stuff I buy. Great app!

M_Dot_P, 08/12/2017

Out The Line

Great app!
This app has been very convenient and easy for me to use so far. It comes in hand when I don't have any cash because my debit card is connected to it. I have used it in my barbershop and it is a very fast and smooth transaction.

Jamon B, 08/22/2017

Out The Line

Dope App Dope Barbers
I love using the app I can pay for my haircut before I come and my barber knows to expect me, it’s so convenient and easy to use I recommend using this app to anyone especially if your like me and not good with cash it’s a must have, thank me later lol

Cute Musically, 06/15/2019

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